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    CISD Trustees Hear Update on New Middle School
    CISD Board of Trustees Special Meeting Jun 22, 2015
    Construction of Secure Entry Vestibules
    Scott Lee with Joeris presented bids for the construction of secure vestibules for summer 2015. Joeris was asking for approval of guaranteed maximum price for the work on the secure entry vestibules for Bowie and Navarro. The designs of the secure entries will not impact the outside entry appearance of either campus. The changes are on the inside of the front doors where visitors will be required to check-in through the front office before they are given access to the rest of the school. On a motion by Mr. Saberton and seconded by Mr. Sodd, the Board voted to approve the guaranteed maximum price of $74,550. The motion passed unanimously.
    CISD Special Board Meeting Update – April 28, 2015
    Joeris General Contractors Hired
    At a Special Board Meeting on April 27, two construction companies, Joeris General Contractors and Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, answered many questions that the Board had in regard to work ethics, staffing on site, considerations made when working with schools, safety precautions, security of the construction sites, use of local contractors, background checks of all contractors, quality assurances, warrantees, etc.
    Board Trustee Dr. Kent Rogers thanked Dr. Frost, Superintendent, for organizing the data and bringing such well-qualified companies as finalists before the Board. Rogers complimented each company for their time and effort in answering the Board’s questions. The Board asked the architect representative, Jonathan Aldis with Stantec, if he had any reservations about either company. Aldis said upon his evaluation, both companies were at the top of his list. He commented that he has worked with both firms on school projects and has had success with each one.
    Trustee Rev. Ed Monk commented that community trust is the most important aspect of this decision. “We are elected officials that hold the trust of our community to make the very best decisions for our school district and community,” said Monk. “Trust is what we (Trustees) hold dear, and understand that making decisions such as this are very important and not taken lightly.”
    On a motion by Dr. Kent Rogers, seconded by Barbara Kelley, the Board voted to hire Joeris as the Construction Project Management firm.


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