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    More helpful detail about online Compliance training below.

    Compliance Important Details


    Click on the image below for the ELL & ELPS download and upload intructions for your certificate of completion from Gateway and upload of certificate to Edivate.Video download upload instructions

     Gifted & Talented Training (Required training)

    New Teachers to Corsicana ISD and existing staff members who are incomplete
    Mandatory G/T training will be available this summer in district.  If you have previously completed your G/T training please be certain to email a copy of your certificate(s) to Kim Yukon at kyukon@cisd.org or you may place copies in the school mail to her at Lee Administration.  Do not forget that you also require a 6 hour annual update each school year.
    The summer 2018 GT Basic dates are posted below and will be held at Corsicana Middle School, LGI.  If you require any of these sessions please register in both Eduphoria and with ESC-12. You must have an ESC-12 account to attend this session.  The following link will take you to the login screen and where you may search for the sessions.  https://txr12.escworks.net/default.aspx
    How to search for the session at ESC-12 - You must enter the session number at the ESCWorks Home screen and in the search space above the picture because it is for CISD only and will not be posted on their PD calendar.
    Detail of which session(s) are required of you based upon your campus assignment may be found at the link below labeled -  "GT Training Requirements". You may click for a pdf.
    If you were not able to attend this training during the summer of 2018 it will be available again in July of 2019.  You must complete this training at that time.

    What do I do with my certificate of completion for the PD I recently attended? 

    Certificate of Completion
    If you wish to get credit for a training that you attending outside of Corsicana ISD (ESC-12 or a conference out of town) you must provide a certificate of completion to Kim Yukon either via email or by school mail just as soon as possible. The certificate you provide will allow her to award you credit for that training. If you do not provide a certificate she will not be able to award you credit. (Reminder this a certificate from the trainer and not the one you would print from Eduphoria. Please do not turn in Eduphoria certificates.) If you have been to a training outside of the district and this training was not a pre-approved training by the district and had never been entered in Eduphoria then it is your responsiblity to request credit for that training through your Eduphoria Portfolio in Strive.  It is imperative that you upload your certificate of completion along with this request so your attendance may be verified.

    ESC-12 usually posts their certificate on their website (you must use your login) a few days after the training as do other service centers.

    If for some reason a certificate is not provided by the trainer you may provide an agenda or maybe some handout as proof of attendance. Please sign this document before sending to Kim Yukon.
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