• Sam Houston Library Media Center

    Welcome to the Sam Houston Dual Language Elementary library webpage!   
    We have so much fun in the library exploring all the cool resources our district has to offer.  Times are changing, and so are our libraries. We no longer just offer the books on our shelves.  Students now have access to thousands of E-Books, magazines, newspapers, videos, games, and various other resources online. Throughout the school year, I will be teaching them how to access and use those resources.
    Our library is also a MakerSpace where we learn by creating and problem solving using Legos, K'Nex, circuit builders, makey-makey, modeling clay, crocheting tools, marble runs, puzzles, computer coding, stop motion animation, Playdoh, Little Bits, and brain builders. There is so much fun to be had! 
    Using the mentioned resources (and whatever craft supplies I come up with each week :)), we will be spending our time in the library creating, designing, solving, and exploring.  Our goal, as educators, is to prepare our students to become productive and responsible citizens.  In the library, we are going to focusing on developing the 4C's: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking Skills.  Mastery of those four skills gives our students the tools they need to be whatever they want to be in this rapidly changing technological world.
    Brandi Moore
    Library Media Specialist