• Background

    During the 2015-2016 Legislative session the 114th Congress in a bipartisan measure “reauthorize[d] the Nation’s 50-year-old National Educational Law [Elementary and Secondary Education Act], originally signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson,” by submitting to President Barak Obama the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). On December 10, 2015 President Obama signed ESSA into law, updating President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act and with it reaffirmed our Nation’s long-standing commitment to equal opportunity in education for all students. One of ESSA’s chief mandates, was that each Title I school district was now required to draft a formal policy to be submitted its State Board of Education, outlining an intentional plan for Parent and Family Engagement. Essentially, each district is required to compose a policy, communicate and distribute that policy in a language understandable to its district’s constituents, implement the components of the policy in compliance with Federal and State Laws, and then annually evaluate the policy’s effectiveness.