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    The Bowie library has many resources and services provided to students and staff. We have a large selection of books for all types of readers and reading levels but also offer the following:

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  • The Trouble with Time Travel

    by Stephen W. Martin Year Published: 2020

    Max and her dog, Boomer, are in trouble. Big trouble. Max has accidentally smashed an heirloom vase: the only treasure her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma managed to save when her houseboat sank 234 years ago. Max can come clean—or, she can build a time machine! If she travels to the past and smashes the vase then, there will be nothing for her to break in the future. Brilliant! In the time machine—surprisingly easy to construct—Max and Boomer bump around to the past and the future, tangle the string of time, and crash into the ancestral houseboat, promptly sinking it. And in the past, the vase remains intact. Disheartened, Max and Boomer return to the moment just before their adventure began, to warn themselves NOT to build a time machine. Duly warned, Max tosses a Frisbee for Boomer, directly in the direction of the vase…

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  • Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet

    by Valentina Camerini Year Published: 2020

    You are never too young to make a difference. Ever since she learned about climate change, Greta Thunberg couldn’t understand why politicians weren’t treating it as an emergency. In August 2018, temperatures in Sweden reached record highs, fires raged across the country, and fifteen-year-old Greta decided to stop waiting for political leaders to take action. Instead of going to school on Friday, she made a sign and went on strike in front of Stockholm’s parliament building. Greta’s solo protest grew into the global Fridays for Future—or School Strike 4 Climate—movement, which millions have now joined. She has spoken at COP24 (the UN summit on climate change) and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This timely, unofficial biography is her story, but also that of many others around the world willing to fight against the indifference of the powerful for a better future.

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  • It’s a Numbers Game! Basketball

    by James Buckley, Jr. Year Published: 2020

    Numbers are everywhere in basketball—from the dimensions of the court to the points you can score to the digits on each player’s jersey. In this awesome new book, you’ll learn how these numbers make basketball the game we know and love today, and also get a few tips along the way on how to improve your game. Read about amazing statistics and learn how to track the stats of your favorite basketball stars. Discover how to improve your bounce pass and chest pass with geometry and physics. Colorful graphics explain the math behind the sport, and cool photos make you feel like you’re right on the court. Filled with sports trivia and fun activities at the end of every chapter, this book is sure to be a slam dunk with kids who can’t get enough of the game and want to learn more.

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  • Squeak!: 100 Fun Facts About Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs, and More

    by Rose Davidson Year Published: 2020

    Packed with weird-but-true facts and tons of animal info, this Level 3 Reader shows just how endearing rodents can be. Meet the adorable pika, fuzzy hamsters, and yes, even supersmart rats, and collect cool facts about these scurrying squeaky creatures. National Geographic Fact Readers feature the same expert-vetted running text as traditional readers—with a bonus of 100 fun facts sprinkled throughout! A fact roundup at the end of each book lets kids review what they’ve learned. (Plus, they can impress their friends with their animal expertise!)

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  • Mammal Takeover!: Journey Through the Cenozoic Era: Earth Before Us #3

    by Abby Howard Year Published: 2020

    After the dinosaurs died out, Earth was by no means empty. There were still some little resourceful critters around who, without big predators to hunt them down, survived and thrived. Who were these scrappy creatures? Early mammals, our ancestors! In the Cenozoic Era, mammals rose to dominance and spread over the globe, resulting in woolly mammoths, saber- toothed tigers, and eventually all of humankind. In this adventure, Ronnie will meet the three kinds of mammals—monotremes, marsupials, and placental mammals—as well as the other amazing ancient beasts they shared the Earth with during the Cenozoic Era. The text will track Earth’s history from 66 million years ago to present day, ending with an impassioned yet hopeful discussion of climate change.

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  • Wonder Undercover: The Real McCoys

    by Matthew Swanson Year Published: 2020

    Moxie joins the Wonder Scouts to investigate a suspected saboteur in the badge competition. But soon Moxie becomes enchanted with earning badges herself! Meanwhile, someone has broken into Tiddlywhump’s Local House of History, spurring Moxie’s little brother, Milton, to begin his own investigation. Can this irrepressible mystery-solving duo crack two different cases? Told in Moxie’s singular voice, Wonder Undercover delivers clever storytelling in an irresistible, unique package.

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  • I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference

    by Mark Shulman Year Published: 2020

    I Voted explains the concept of choosing, individually and as a group, from making a simple choice—Which do you like better, apples or oranges—to selecting a class pet, to even more complicated decisions, like electing community representatives. You may not always get want you want, but there are strategies to better your odds! Serge Bloch’s effortless and charming illustrations, paired with Mark Shulman’s funny and timely text, create a perfect resource for discussing current events with your children.

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  • The Shark Report: Benny McGee and the Shark

    by Derek Anderson Year Published: 2020

    What would you do if a shark followed you home? When Benny learns about sharks at school, he immediately feels worried. He definitely can’t go in the ocean, because sharks live there. But even simply staying out of the water isn’t enough, because a shark named Mr. Chompers follows him home! What will Benny do? This humorous, highly-illustrated story is perfect for kids just beginning to read on their own. The short chapters, early vocabulary, and amusing illustrations make reading easy and fun! Exciting, easy-to-read books are the stepping stone a young reader needs to bridge the gap between being a beginner and being fluent.

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  • The Betrayer: Daniel Coldstar #2

    by Stel Pavlou Year Published: 2020

    In this exciting sequel to The Relic War, adventure calls…but can Truth prevail? The galaxy is at war. And Daniel Coldstar and his Truth Seeker friends are traversing the galaxy, saving refugees from destroyed worlds and trying to locate the stolen Book of Planets before the evil Sinja use it to cause any more damage. Meanwhile, someone wants Daniel Coldstar to stray from his mission and sends him messages that lead him right to an abandoned ship—a ship that has mysterious ties to Daniel’s past. What does the anonymous messenger want with him? And who can Daniel really trust in a galaxy filled with the Sinja’s devious lies?

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