• Mission

    Corsicana I.S.D., in partnership with parents and the community, will teach a rigorous and relevant curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment, preparing our students to succeed and work in a diverse world and encouraging them to become lifelong learners.

    Core Values

    We are committed to...
    1. Providing an education for every child that maximizes his/her potential.

    2. Focusing our decisions and actions in support of student achievement.

    3. Appropriate individualized instruction for all students.

    4. Providing a positive environment that is safe and secure physically, emotionally and academically.

    5. Treating each person with respect and dignity.

    6. Responding to the needs of a changing world.

    7. Providing opportunities for our students and teachers to learn and utilize current technology.

    8. Providing an education that enables our graduates to make a positive contribution to society.

    9. Nurturing and celebrating imagination and creativity.

    10. Recognizing and celebrating student, employee, and community accomplishments.

    11. Reinforcing integrity and character as critical components of success.

    12. Recruiting and retaining the best staff.

    13. Collaboration and teamwork throughout our District community.

    14. Continually striving to understand, appreciate, and address the unique circumstances of each child.

    15. Accountability for academic achievement and fiscal responsibility.

    Click here to download a printable copy of the CISD Core Values.