• Dual Credit Fall 2020-Current

    Corsicana High School, through a partnership with Navarro College, is proud to offer a variety of dual credit classes.  Dual credit courses count as credit for both a high school course and a college course.

    Senior level dual credit courses:

    • English 1301 (Fall )
    • English 1302 (Spring)
    • Federal Government 2305 (Fall)
    • Any Sophomore or Junior level course

    Junior level dual credit courses:

    • US History 1301 (Fall)
    • US History 1302 (Spring)
    • Biology 1406 (Fall)
    • Biology 1407 (Spring)
    • Math 1324 Business Math I (Fall)
    • Math 1325 Business Math II (Spring)
    • Any Sophomore level course

    Sophomore level dual credit courses:

    • Art 1301 Art Appreciation (Fall)
    • Speech 1315 Public Speaking (Spring)
    • Sociology 1301 Introduction to Sociology (Fall)
    • Philosophy 1301 Introduction to Philosophy (Spring)

    The Higher Start Program 

    The Higher Start Program is part of the dual credit program.  Higher Start students complete 60 hours of college credit over their four years of high school to earn an AA or AS degree in General Studies from Navarro College by the completion of their senior year.  Higher Start students take the above-listed dual credit courses and other courses advised by CHS and the Navarro College Dual Credit Advisors.  The Higher Start Program will end with the high school graduating class of 2023.  CHS is no longer accepting new students into the Higher Start program.

    Class Times and Professors

    Most dual credit classes meet in person on the high school campus as part of the regular high school day.  Classes are taught by credentialed Navarro College faculty that come to our campus.  Occasionally, a course may be conducted online if a professor is unavailable for that semester.


    Tuition, Fees, and Access Codes

    CHS pays for approved dual credit course tuition and fees as well as books and access codes required for those courses.  Books issued will be checked out by students and must be returned at the end of the semester, or a fine will be charged.

    If a student drops or fails a course (69 and below is considered failing), he/she will be required to reimburse CHS for the tuition, fees, and access codes for that course.  Final high school transcripts will be held until reimbursements are made.  


    Requirements for Dual Credit Enrollment

    1. Students must meet the TSI standard for college readiness in Reading/Writing and Math (if taking dual credit math courses). English II and Algebra EOC scores may substitute for TSI.  PSAT and/or SAT scores may also substitute for TSI scores.
    2. Students must be in good academic standing (As and Bs in high school classes)
    3. Students must have good attendance.
    4. Adhere to all requests and policies for dual credit students.

    How to Apply for Dual Credit

    1. Complete application—students may pick up an application from Mrs. Vadasy in room A102
    2. Agree to the terms of dual credit by signing the Dual Credit Agreement
    3. Schedule TSI test. Tests are $5
    4. Complete the college application process for dual credit through applytexas.org


    504 and SPED Services for Dual Credit

    A student receiving 504 or SPED services should contact the Navarro College Disability and Access Services Office at https://www.navarrocollege.edu/disability/index.html


    Students receiving testing accommodations through 504 or SPED may be eligible for accommodations on the TSI.  Please inquire, if applicable. 


    Dual Credit Contact Information

    For more information or questions, please contact JP Johnson or Megan Vadasy at Corsicana High School.