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     "Always Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated"
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    Mr. Vitters’ classes After April 6th ---

    First of all, I miss everyone!  We have a lot of projects to finish when we get back.

     Other news Mrs. Franklin wanted me to let the dual credit welding students know graduation for Navarro has been postponed till August,  just wait for more details.   We know we will be out till May  4th, could be longer more than likely.  My main concern is you and your family stay safe.   Below you will find my instructions for your classes, please don’t put this before family needs but one exercise a week starting April 6th, that will meet our requirements.  

           1st/2nd period-----ADVANCED WELDING/WELDING 2/PRACTICUM

           3rd/4th period-----ADVANCED WELDING/WELDING 2/PRACTICUM

           5TH period-----AG MECHANICS/WELDING 1

           6TH period-----AG MECHANICS/WELDING 1

           7TH period-----AG MECHANICS/WELDING 1


    My email is mvitters@cisd.org and I will make sure I am available for questions-------on Tuesdays and Thursday, 9 am to 11 am and 1pm to 3 pm -----if I don’t answer quick I will ASAP.  I don’t have internet wi/fi at home so be patient.

    I will be doing online learning from ICEV Curriculum, I have included lessons I would like you to do 1 per week.  If you would like you can do more and work at your own speed.

    I will receive notices and can check work for completion online.  Would like to encourage my students to be safe,  please practice social distancing,  and wash those hands.  Your actions affect other people’s lives.


    Students need to go to:

    Icevonline.com Register

    Registration code will be: 




    After entering registration code: Fill in your information and choose you a username and password-----write it down because I can't get that for you

    Hit Submit.

    From now on you, can go to:

    login.icevonline.com/and input your username and password anytime you want to work. 

    Mr. Vitters will receive you responses online.  Take care love you guys and gals.