• Welcome to Mr. Vitters' Class!
    Quotes I Beleave!
     "Always Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated"
    "I Will Do What Others Won't, So I Can Accomplish What Others Can't"
    My Educational Background:
    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Sam Houston State University
    Master of Science in Agriculture from Sam Houston State University
    Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures:
  •  Ag
  •   Schedule
       7:45-8:30--1st Period--Welding/Ag Mechanics                                    
      8:35-9:30--2nd Period--Welding/Ag Mechanics                                  
                                               9:35-10:20--3rd Period--Welding /Ag Mechanics                                                                        
    10:25-11:10--4th Period--Welding/Ag Mechanics                               
     11:15-12:00--5th Period--Welding/ Ag Mechanics                              
     12:05-12:50--6th Period--Homeroom/Lunch                                        
     12:20-12:50--6th Period Lunch                                                             
      12:55-1:40--7th Period--Conference                                                      
                              1:45-2:30--8th Period--Ag Facilities & Design/Advanced Welding                             
                            2:30-3:20--9th Period--Ag Facilities & Design/Advanced Welding