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    Welcome to Prof. Collins's Class

    Let's Start Exploring!

    I hope everyone is well and healthy!!

    This is my online art class for Corsicana High School.  I have created a series of project that you can work on at home.

    Starting April 6th, there will be one required assignment due each week. You will find these assignment on canvas. There are copies on this teacher's web page. You will receive one grade a week for your work. All work will be due on Friday of each week. I do have a few supplies that I can put together into a kit for you if you need anything. Simplely call, text or email me and I can make arrangements. Most of these projects can be done with pen and paper.

    To log into Canvas, use this address for a single log in:  https://cisd.helloid.com/

    Conference Periods. I'm available for calls, text, and emails daily. Everything is routed to my phone and I will get back to you ASAP. I will make myself available between the hours of 11 am and 2pm everyday to talk if you need to conference over Zoom, conference on Canvas, direct phone conversations or emails. If have any questions, Ask I will be here for you. 

    My assignments are simple and fun project that cost little or no money. I simple pen or pencil  with paper or sketchbook will surfice.The "Sketchbook" projects are simpler and "The Kitchen Table" projects are larger and more involved. Many of these are larger, need more attention to detail and color. If you need some help getting supples for a project call, text or email me. I have supples at home and can go to the school to grab anything needed.


    FAQ:  https://www.cisd.org/Page/14558

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