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    Welcome Tiger Nation. I'm Coach Coy and this is my fifth year teaching and coaching at CHS. I'm a Corsicana graduate and a Texas Tech alumni. I am married to my beautiful wife, Rachel, who teaches at Sam Houston Elementary. I'm a diehard Cowboys fan and a rabid Liverpool supporter, "You'll Never Walk Alone". In addition to teaching Architecture & Construction Technology, I'm also the associate head boy's soccer coach.
    Feel free to contact me at ccoy@cisd.org or call (903) 874-8211 ex. 6387. Room F103.
    8:20-9:10 - 1st - Soccer
    9:14-9:59 - 2nd - Conference
    10:03-11:49 - 3rd/4th - Advanced Construction Technology
    10:03-11:49 - 3rd/4th - Practicum in Construction Technology
    11:53-12:23 - A Lunch
    12:27-2:12 - 5th/6th - Advanced Construction Technology 
    12:27-2:12 - 5th/6th - Practicum in Construction Technology
    2:16-3:01 - Construction Technology
    3:05-3:50 - Construction Technology
     "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle