• Welcome to our classroom site for all things Life Skills!
    My name is Crystal Rollins, and I am so excited to be teaching your child this year!  You can find out a little more about me on the tab titled "Meet the Teacher".  
    You can find links to other relevant information on the tab titled "Helpful Links".
    Here is our class schedule: 
    Period Start Class
       7:45 Breakfast
     1st  8:20 Reading
    2nd  9:14 PE
    3rd 10:03 Human Services in C101
    TCC 10:48 TCC
    4th 11:04 English
    A Lunch 11:53 Lunch
    5th 12:23 Soc Studies
    6th 1:27 Music in Band Hall
    7th 2:16 Math
    8th 3:05 Science
    Please send snacks for your student.  Their school day is long and they get munchie.
    Also, if your child is diapered, please send plenty of diapers and wipes. 
    My students do not need to bring school supplies, but feel free to send things they enjoy/need,
    or things you think we may use if you find them on sale. (EX: Febreeze, Germ-X, surface sanitizers, tissues, etc.)
    My official conference time is 2nd period.
    My cell number is (903) 851-4695 and my email is crollins@cisd.org.
    Never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.