• Hello to all my students and their families and caregivers! I hope you are all staying healthy, happy, and safe. I want you to know I am here for you during these strange days, and if you need anything or have any questions, please reach out.

    EMAIL:  crollins@cisd.org

    PHONE/TEXT:  Each of you has my cell phone number.

    HOURS:  I get email alerts on my cell phone, so you can expect a prompt response. If I am unavailable, I will schedule a time for us to talk as soon as possible.

    THE PLAN: After speaking with caregivers, parents, and some rock-star siblings, the overall preference for online learning for students in my class seemed to be the following:

    • At the beginning of each week, I will text one person per student a printout of 5 assignments with directions, one in each core subject (Reading/English/Math/Science/Social Studies).
    • At the end of each week, this person will send me back the results, using general comments and rubric scores for each subject. 

    The school has been doing a great job of getting new information to us as it becomes available and I will do my best to share that with you all as it rolls down the line. Hug those kiddos for me and tell them I miss them!

    Crystal Rollins