Welcome to English I with Mr. Lindley!


    COVID-19 UPDATE: Becuase of the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine, education has been seriously disrupted. As such, and in compliance with the directives of CISD and the administration, I am offering optional learning opportunities, which are in addition to the learning opportunities the district is offering.

    Flipgrid: This has discussion boards and topic videos that students can use and reply to. Link: https://flipgrid.com/lindley9790 

    Canvas Page: All work for my classes will now be on Canvas. To get to Canvas, type into your web browser or click the hyperlink: https://cisd.helloid.com and login with your school username (If your email address is jRodriguez@cisd.org, your username will be jRodriguez) and password (this will be your school email address password). From there, click on Canvas and you should be automatically added to the appropirate English I class period. If you are logging in through the Canvas app, you need to login with the first five letters of your LAST name and the first three letters of your first name followed by 000@student.cisd.org. Such as James Rodriguez, logging in as rodrijam000@student.cisd.org).

    Contact: blindley@cisd.org

    My "Office Hours" are Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. But in truth, contact me whenever you need to, and if I cannot immedaitely answer, I will as soon as possible. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything. I am here to help my students in anyway that I can.

    To my students are reading this: I miss you. Stay safe. 



    This Freshmen English course is a comprehensive course in literature, composition, and language. The literature includes reading and understanding a variety of forms including novels, short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and both spoken and visual texts. In addition, this course will target usage, mechanics, and strategies for vocabulary and grammatical development. Most importantly, we will use this knowledge and skills to hone our critical thinking ability. Our purpose is not only to understand these works in their historical context but also to but also to understand them within modern context. 

    Our Objective!

    The objective of a team is to win! We will win by you passing this class, passing the STAAR EOC, and graduating High School. We will achieve this through achieving the following:

    Preparing you for the future

    Learning and Thinking skills

    Reading and Writing skills

    Encouraging deliberation and reflection

    Critical thinking and analysis

    Constructive dialogue with peers

    Instilling in you practical habits

    Accountability and conscientiousness

    Organization and management


    Rules of Mr. Lindley's Class: I prefer to call my rules "guidelines to success" because that is what rules should be; not threats of punishment, but information that helps us accomplish our goals in a way that also helps others achieve their goals.

    Guidelines to Success

    1. Do your Best.

    2. Be Prepared

    3. Be Respectful.

    Follow these three guidelines and you will always be successful.