AP: Advanced Placement

  • Scores received on the AP exam may allow students to receive college credit depending on the individual college’s policy. Generally a 3 or higher on an AP exam will earn you college hours. However, your college will determine how your college hours are transferred so you need to contact the admission office at the school you would like to attend. This information can also be obtained on college websites. Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses should visit with their counselor and teacher to register for the AP Exam with Mr. Thomason. 

CHS Advanced Placement

    • Biology 
    • Calculus AB 
    • Chemistry 
    • English Language and Composition 
    • English Literature and Composition 
    • Physics 1 
    • Spanish Language and Culture 
    • Spanish Literature and Culture 
    • Statistics 
    • U.S. Government and Politics 
    • United States History

CHS Courses offered online in Turning Points

    • English Language and Composition* 
    • English Literature and Composition* 
    • Environmental Science 
    • French Language and Culture 
    • Human Geography 
    • Psychology 
    • Spanish Language and Culture* 
    • United State History* 
    • World History

    *Courses offered face-to-face on the main campus will only be assigned to students if there is an “approved” academic need.

Advanced Placement Resources